Getting custom made closets is better for your body than trying to adapt to whatever storage features come along with your home. See how much easier life can be when you organize your home to match your individual needs.


While your height is an obvious issue, there are many other factors to consider. There may be areas of your home like your garage where you need to accommodate a wide range of body sizes. If the main cook in your family is left-handed, you could decide to hang your pots and pans where they can access them with the most comfort. When measuring your counters, try bending your arm at a right angle to your waist and measuring the distance from the floor to your elbow to get an idea of the right height for you.

You also want to take into account whether you will be able to reach things with ease. Practice to see how high and far you can reach without straining. Let your closet design team know if you have difficulty bending over or squatting.


Other body parts matter too. Some types of lighting can bother sensitive eyes. As we age, it is common to need more intense lighting. If standing on your feet for long intervals is an issue, you may also want to make sure you have a seating area.

Our Closettec system makes it easy to respond to your requirements even when they change over time. Building from the ground up ensures maximum versatility. Adjustable rods and shelves can be moved into new arrangements by hand without any expensive tools. This makes it easy to keep up when your children grow or if any family member experiences reduced mobility due to arthritis or other conditions.


Contact us for a free closet consultation. Our team of closet design professionals will create storage solutions throughout your home specifically for you.