New Jersey has its share of older homes. Many of these homes were built before 1900 and many more were built after the Second World War. However, all these homes have one thing in common, small closets. When these homes were built there wasn’t a tendency of their owners to collect a lot of ‘stuff’. Women’s shoes are a prime example. It was not unusual for most women to have just 2 or 3 pairs of shoes. One pair was for Sunday, and one or two more pair was for use during the week. In those days most women had just one handbag. Men’s suits were much the same. A Sunday suit and a couple of suits or jackets to wear to work and that was it.














It wasn’t until the late 1900’s that women realized having more than a dozen pairs of shoes and as many handbags was no crime. For some women, a dozen wouldn’t get them through the week. Men, who historically didn’t pay too much attention to the fashion world, are becoming what some would call ‘clothes horses.’














This is when custom closets not only made their debut, these closets made their way into American culture. The designers at will sit down with you and come up with a plan to suit all your apparel needs. Regardless of how many pairs of shoes, skirts, dresses and handbags a customer has we will design a closet uniquely for them. Our closet organizers for women feature a variety of different hanging sections for clothing of various lengths providing wardrobe organization as well as extra space. Men no longer need to feel left out; we design an area just for them. No matter how many ties, dress suits or pairs of cuff links a man owns we will make sure everything has its place.











For nearly a quarter of a century has been designing and serving the great state of New Jersey as well as Staten Island and New York City. Please contact us for a tour of our showroom or to schedule an appointment with one of our closet designers. We look forward to helping you create the closet of your dreams.