There are two main considerations to keep in mind when designing or rearranging your closets: having the right places to store all your clothing, shoes and accessories, and being to find items easily when you need them. If you’re like many people, your closets may be a barely recognizable jumble.

Custom closet organizers are designed to help transform your closets into efficiently arranged places where finding anything in your wardrobe is quick and easy. A closet designer will create organizing solutions tailored to your individual desires and wardrobe needs. You will always have an attractive, convenient and organized place to store all your different items.


Hanging spaces of various heights provide ample room for your clothing. Hanging spaces of different heights hold various articles while leaving space above or below to add extra shelves or drawers. Adjustable hanging rods provide more options for changing wardrobe needs.

Shelves can be fitted into otherwise unused closet space for storing shoes, slacks, sweaters and other items. Anything from small cubbies to spacious pullout shelves keep shoes and other items of various heights visible, neatly sorted and easy to find. Ventilated shelves let clothes breathe and air out so they are less likely to be damaged by mold and pests.

Drawers provide a flexible opportunity to satisfy a variety of storage needs. Large or small drawers can be fitted with an array of modular compartments. Dividers save precious time by keeping small items you use often from getting misplaced or lost. Jewelry drawers with organizers keep your jewelry neatly arranged and untangled. Instead of being on the dresser or bathroom counter, they will be organized and easy to access. Roll-out baskets provide a clean space to store items such as socks, scarves, gloves and lingerie.

Closettec designers will create your custom hanging spaces, shelves and drawers designed specifically for your tastes and wardrobe needs. Our custom built organizers help you eliminate the clutter and transform your closets into attractive and well managed spaces. Contact us for a complimentary closet consultation.