There are many beautiful older homes located in New Jersey. Older homes have charm.  They have character. They also have small closets. This can pose a problem for many modern families who have a need for greater storage space, especially in their bedroom closets. Whether it’s racks of shoes and rows of suits or kids toys, games and stuffed animals, Closettec NJ offers custom closet design and storage solutions for every need.




Closet Space Defined by the Times

During the 19th and early 20th century, there wasn’t an overwhelming need for large closet spaces. Most people of that era did not have the large selection of clothing, shoes and accessories that many people have today, and that was a factor in home design at that time. Hence the small closets many current homeowners have inherited. These small closets are insufficient by today’s standards.  However, our expert closet designers can work with you to make the most of this space.


Solving the Problems of a Small Closet

Imagine opening your closet doors and being able to see everything at a glance. No more searching for the right tie in the morning or looking endlessly for those perfect pumps among heaps of shoes. Our closet designers will optimize the area in your closet to utilize every available space and maximize capacity.  We use our expertise to select the best shelving, racks, drawer space, and hanging organizers to custom fit your closet and your lifestyle.

Do you find yourself struggling to find a place to put everything in your closet? Do you spend too much time looking for things because your closet is always disorganized? If you answered yes to either of these questions, feel free to schedule a free closet consultation. We would be happy to help you in planning and implementing a functional closet to suit all your needs.