Our closet is a haven for creating a clothing masterpiece.  It’s important that closet space remain in style just like our clothes.  If you’re looking for inspiration for custom closet design or want an upgrade to a store-bought version be on the lookout for these innovative trends of 2014.  It can be summed up in one word: basic.  Whether your closet is a walk in or a small space add fewer items to make a big change.  Buy what you need and use these items to make the most of the space.





This year is going to prove that less is more.  You don’t need fancy designs or detailed textures.  Keep it slick with straight lines and neutral colors for a simple and elegant finish.  This design will rely on your clothes to make the closet space pop out not the closet.  Open up the space by removing closet doors from hanging areas.  Complete the look by grouping the clothes by color and type.



The less is more revolution continues with celestial vibe.  Because a good portion of your day ends up in the closet it should feel like a sanctuary.  Your closet should bring a good feeling every time you go in.  It’s stressful enough picking the right outfit to wear.  Let the room calm you down with open framework, few vertical dividers, extra-wide shelves, lights and high ceilings.  Use details that make the room feel like the sky or a galaxy.  Choose colors related to the sky in the daytime or at night.





Another option is to choose nature themes for your closet.  Choose to add environmentally friendly closet designs or choose natural materials like bamboo and wood.  Earth tones or autumn colors work well with this style.  Granite countertops, weathered wood, glass doors/shelving/counters, and door inserts made of transparent resin mixed with natural elements bring the outdoors into your closet space.  The nature theme is there to bring comfort and relaxation every time you step into the closet.


In conclusion closets are becoming less like a space for closets and more like a room.  Like any room we want things to be simple to us as possible and flow well with the rest of our home.  The trends make sense as we live in a world where people are buying what they need not what they want or desire.  When homeowners do purchase closets they do so out of strategy. Contact us for more information.