Princeton, New Jersey is the home to the prestigious Ivy League School, Princeton University. Though it isn’t just a higher education that draws so many to the area. The community is warm and inviting, while also being centrally located. Many people who live in Princeton will commute to New York City, Philadelphia, or nearby New Jersey cities. In this way, the Princeton area offers a lot to love for families and commuters.

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A Family-Owned Company Helping Families Get Organized For Over 30 Years

Family-friendly communities like Princeton also benefit from versatile solutions for modern living. This is especially true for student families in the area and college students who are living off-campus. Thankfully Closettec has been proudly serving the Princeton New Jersey area since 1989. As a family-owned business, our designers and staff understand the need to get your home organized today and keep it organized into the future.

Organizational Solutions For Every Room In Your House

Closettec offers a wide range of services for every room in your home. This includes the garage, the bathroom, the basements, bedrooms, the kitchens, and your living room. Our designers can work with you to customize storage and organizational needs. This includes:

Closettec has a vast team of experienced designers who will work with you to understand all of your storage and organizational needs. This includes making the most out of your available space in your closets and other small storage areas. We can then integrate this with your vision to create the perfect organizational solutions for modern living.

A tastefully organized pantry makes it easy to keep everything you need at your fingertips. Especially, when you need to find something at a moment’s notice while cooking. Whether you have a floor-to-ceiling cabinet, a small kitchen closet that needs to be transformed, or an existing pantry that just seems to get itself out of control, Closettec has been helping families in Princeton to realize the kitchen of their dreams for decades.  

Even the best day doing laundry still feels like a tedious chore. Especially if your laundry room is constantly falling into disarray. Though simple things like under-shelf wire baskets, cubbies, fold-down ironing boards, hamper systems, and pull-down hanger rods can make washing, drying, folding, and ironing a breeze.

A thoughtfully organized home office makes it easy to work from home, while still being as truly productive as you need to be. Unfortunately, a poorly designed home office can also be a major distraction. If you work from home or often need to bring work home with you, we can develop a modern, efficient home office that gets the job done right.

The concept of the modern-day entertainment center has evolved away from clunky tube TVs in favor of compact, sleek flatscreens. If your family’s entertainment center is outdated, or you just need a better way to organize DVDs, gaming systems, and other entertainment devices, Closettec can design a system that brings your entertainment center into the modern age.

A proper mudroom does an impressive job of keeping the filth of the outside world from invading the clean interior of your home. Unfortunately, a disorganized mudroom can also become a repository of grime that gets tracked all over your floors. This is especially challenging when you consider the frequent wet weather in Princeton.

 Fortunately, Closettec has years of experience designing and installing mudrooms that have the organizational solutions to stay neat and tidy, while still keeping all your essential outdoor gear in one easy-to-find plac

A fireplace is no longer thought of as a convention home heating system. Today fireplaces, the mantle, and surrounding shelves have an esthetic quality that warms rooms and hearts just the same. It’s the perfect place to display pictures and family keepsakes. As a family-owned company, Closettec’s designers understand just how important these display spaces can be and how to make the most out of them.

The family room is the place where everyone gathers to spend some good old-fashioned quality time. Though it also tends to be a place where games, devices, blankets, and entertainment systems get tangled into a mess. Not to mention the constant blame game of figuring out who lost the remote this time!

Keeping all these different items organized can be a challenge for any family. Fortunately, Closettec has decades of experience working with living rooms of all shapes, and sizes. We can design a living room organization system to keep everything in its place, yet at your fingertips, with a style that matches your vision. Our family room design solutions will give everything its proper place to let you truly enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones. 

Providing your children with their own playroom gives a place for them to keep all their favorite books and toys, without having them spill out into the rest of the house. The playroom systems our designers develop are easy for children to use, which encourages them to keep things tidy, while also making it easy for them to find just what they want when they want it.

Your home’s foyer or entryway is the first thing that a lot of people see when they visit your Princeton home. It’s also the place where your family needs to leave their shoes and hang up their jackets. A foyer with a thoughtful organizational system that is already in place encourages your family to use them, while also sending the right message to every guest who visits your home.

A properly organized craft room is the perfect place for keeping all your hobby equipment and materials where you want to find them. A poorly organized craft room can be frustrating and makes it hard to find what you want when the moment strikes. A well-designed craft room by Closettec puts everything you want right at your fingertips.

If you have an oenophile or two in your family, then a well-stocked wine cabinet is a must-have thing. It is the ideal place to keep some of your favorite table wines as well as a prime opportunity to display some of your finer vintages. The wine cabinet systems Closettec design help hold your best bottles securely, and tools like corkscrews, glasses, and wine preservation devices close at hand.

While a lot of people might be turning to e-books, and device readers, there are still many people in the Princeton area who love to hold a good book in their hands. Unfortunately, a disorganized library makes it hard to find the book you want to read and loses critical display space to clutter. A well-designed home library by Closettec makes it easy to find your books and display your favorite items.

Design Process & Collaboration

Closettec’s designers have been helping families optimize their organization and storage solution dreams since 1989. We have a dedicated staff of experienced designers who can collaborate closely with you.

Our meticulous process starts with understanding your needs as well as taking into account the space you have available. Our showroom is loaded with innovative options, where you can choose the style, finish, hardware, handles, and components to match your unique vision.

Dedicated Installers & Staff

As a family-owned company, Closettec is proud to have our own team of dedicated installers. Each has years of experience and extensive training. We always use industry best practices to meet the highest standards as well as addressing all-important safety codes. The majority of our installations can be completed in a single day. While we are in your home we will make every effort to be discrete and respectful of your things.