Aack! You walk into your bedroom. Clothes are spilling out of the hamper. The excess is on the floor or piled on the dressers. Are those clean or dirty? Open the small closet and see hangers crunched together on the rack. Now, where is that nice Oxford shirt I like to wear? The hangers are so tight together, you can only move them a little bit, and pants fall off and land on the closet floor. After excavating through that pile, going down another layer like an archaeologist, you find more clothes debris. Oh, so that’s where my right shoe got to.

That is a situation everybody can identify with. We don’t realize how much “stuff” we have. We may be unaware there are clothes that we long outgrew and we have to hold onto that World Series shirt from 1972 for sentimental reasons. Do we remember who they played?

Closettec is here to help. They have specialized in closets since 1989. They make and design closets, but are not just bedroom closet designers, they are bedroom closet organizers. Organizing is essential to the design. They have to maximize the space limitations into an appealing look. They make that bedroom look less cluttered.


They know there is no cookie cutter approach. The designers work closely with you to develop the best design, look and organization system to meet your needs. Closettec handles the three primary elements: design, build and install. The closets are made in Closettec’s local factory and their commitment to customer service includes a free in-home consultation with computer designed renderings, a 10-year Buyer Protection plan and 5 Star Service.

Before you have to say “Aack” again, contact us.