Custom closets for apartments and tight spaces? You got that right!

Most homeowners living in a cramped space might think they do not have enough room to store all of their belongings, and there could be no way out of this situation. In order to maximize the space, they have to rely on placing distasteful closet organizers in their home which are obtrusive, non functional and do not match the look of their interior.

For small spaced homes and apartment dwellers, a stand alone closet organizer might look out of place and do nothing to enhance their home, however a custom storage unit designed and built by organization experts (like us) will change that. Homeowners living in a smaller urban dwellings do have creative solutions they can implement without compromising on the design of the closet. Here is a list of custom closet design ideas for them to consider:

1. Create a Closet Under the Bed

You can create a closet under your bed or hire professionals to design one for you. Other things that you can do increase storage space include adding containers to place under the bed. If you do not want to display the storage space, you can add a bed skirt to conceal it from plain sight. If you have space on both sides of your bed, instead of putting a table there, add a wall unit closet system to store your things such as books or other knickknacks.

2. Create a Closet and Dresser Combo

No space? No problem! You need to invest in a dress with several built-in compartments. Inside each drawer, you can place dividers to create even more space. You may not find the ideal dresser with several drawers to fulfill your needs.

For this reason, you will be better off at contacting professionals who can create a closet and dresser combo. Better yet, you can consult with them to build a wall unit closet system inside the room, placing it in such a way that it will give an illusion of a bigger room.

3. Create More Space in Your Existing Closet

Look inside your closet. Is there any space that you can use, but are not using it? If so, you need to find a way to use it. In fact, one should use every bit of space provided by their closet. If they can construct more room in their closet, they should go ahead and do just that. If your closet has the potential for more space, you can hire someone to make room inside of it by placing shelves, clothing rods, and other feasible storage options.

Custom closet for apartments by CLosettec

4. Add a Wall Closet Unit System in the Room (pictured above)

Do you have an empty space on the wall? Perhaps, you can spruce up that empty space with a built-in wall closet unit system. You can create a large closet, taking up the entire space of the wall, to store your things. The closet doors can have glass panels or you can alternate by having one door with clear panels and the other with solid panels. This way, your closet design will look neither bland or boring, but spectacular and modern.

If you need to consult with a professional about the type of closet design to place in your apartment or a small space, feel free to contact Closettec.