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5 09, 2023

Crafting the Perfect Fitness-Focused Closet for the Active Woman

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For many women, fitness isn't just a hobby; it's a lifestyle. The adrenaline rush of a morning run, the serenity of a yoga session, or the sheer power felt during a weightlifting routine – these aren't just activities; they're rituals. They're moments of escape, of self-reflection, and of empowerment. Each type of fitness activity, be it the rhythmic dance classes, the challenging pilates sessions, or the rejuvenating swimming laps, speaks to a different facet of a woman's personality and her aspirations. In today's fast-paced world, where juggling work commitments, family responsibilities, and personal [...]

30 08, 2023

Walk-In Closet Islands: Design Ideas and Essential Features

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Walk-in closets have long been a symbol of luxury and thoughtful design. But within these spacious wardrobe havens, there's a feature that's elevating the game even further: the walk-in closet island. Much like its counterpart in the kitchen, a closet island serves as a central feature, offering both functionality and a touch of elegance. What is a Walk-In Closet Island? A walk-in closet island is a standalone storage unit positioned centrally within a walk-in closet. It's not just a statement piece; it's a functional addition that provides extra storage space, a surface for [...]

24 08, 2023

Top Kitchen Pantry Types: Unlocking the Secrets of Kitchen Storage

By |2023-08-24T16:27:05-04:00August 24th, 2023|Design Inspiration, Kitchens, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

The kitchen pantry, a cornerstone of culinary organization, has transformed from a mere storage space to a design statement reflecting a homeowner's style and gastronomic aspirations. In this guide, we'll explore the diverse world of kitchen pantry types, their standout features, the most durable materials, and the nuances that set each apart. Plus, we'll offer insights on selecting the ideal pantry for your home. Diverse Kitchen Pantry Types Walk-In Pantries: A symbol of luxury in pantry design, walk-ins boast ample space with potential for floor-to-ceiling shelving. They're a haven for bulk purchases and [...]

23 08, 2023

Organization Solutions For People With Too Many Clothes

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Mastering Organization: Solutions for the Overstuffed Wardrobe Clothing is more than just fabric; it's an expression of our personality, our mood, and even our history. But what happens when our love for fashion turns our closets into overstuffed chaos? For those with an abundance of clothing, organization can feel like a daunting task. However, with the right strategies, even the most extensive wardrobe can be tamed. Let's dive into solutions for those with an ever-expanding clothing collection. 1. The Art of Decluttering Before diving into organization techniques, it's essential to declutter. Start by [...]

23 08, 2023

The Future of Home Organization

By |2023-08-23T11:03:08-04:00August 23rd, 2023|Design Inspiration, Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

In today's fast-paced world, the way we interact with our living spaces is constantly evolving. As technology advances and lifestyles change, the future of home organization is set to be more innovative, efficient, and personalized than ever before. Let's delve deeper into the upcoming trends and predictions that will shape the way we organize and experience our homes. 1. Smart Storage Solutions The integration of technology into our homes has been a game-changer. In a modern minimalist bedroom, imagine a sleek, wall-mounted wardrobe that adjusts its settings based on the day's weather, ensuring [...]

30 04, 2023

Creating a Summer Storage System for Beach Gear

By |2023-04-27T11:50:28-04:00April 30th, 2023|Design Inspiration, Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

Summertime fun and trips to the beach go together like peanut butter and jelly. Better yet, if you get the chance to camp on the beach or break out your water skis, canoes, and kayaks. Yet all these things can certainly pile up on you at home. Without a proper way to safely store summertime beach gear and outdoor equipment, your garage or mudroom can descend into absolute chaos. If you’re looking forward to a summer spent at the beach, or you’re already finding yourself up to your eyeballs in sandy clutter, you [...]

30 04, 2023

Organizing Your Kids’ Summer Toys and Activities

By |2023-04-27T11:47:02-04:00April 30th, 2023|Closet Organization, Custom Closets, Design Inspiration, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

Summer is the prime time to be a kid. School is out, the weather is great and opportunities for family fun abound. A day at the beach, a trip to the lake, camping, fishing, hiking, tubing, dirt biking, are all fair game. Yet even a simple lazy afternoon lounging around the pool, or romping around in the backyard requires a few special toys and supplies. It can all add up to devouring your space like Cookie Monster feasting on a bag of Snickerdoodles. Yet I think you’ll find that with a little ingenuity, [...]

29 04, 2023

Benefits of Custom Built-Ins: From Bookcases to Entertainment Centers

By |2023-04-27T11:40:56-04:00April 29th, 2023|Design Inspiration, Entertainment, Home Office, Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

One of the biggest problems with visually stunning bookcases, entertainment centers, and display cases is that they truly stand out. Not just in the fact that they’re visually prominent in the room that hosts them. They also tend to stand out from the wall, eating up tons of square inches of available floor space. This can be a pretty big problem in a smaller home where every square inch is at a premium. Though even larger homes often find built-in furniture and display areas appealing for the way they add to the ambiance [...]

29 04, 2023

Benefits of a Custom Mudroom for Summer Activities

By |2023-04-27T11:38:18-04:00April 29th, 2023|Design Inspiration, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

Your home's entryway is the first thing guests see as they cross the threshold. Keeping it clean and tidy sends an important message to everyone who visits. It can also set the tone for the start and end of your workday. Yet kids, pets, and summertime fun can all be messy. Squirt gun wars, water balloon fights, beach sand, and mud puddles all have an insidious way of making it through the door. Not to mention how one untimely muddy dog shake-off can leave you wondering if it would just be easier to [...]

27 04, 2023

Questions to Ask A Custom Closet Company

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There comes a point in every homeowner’s life when they realize that their vision for what they want their custom closets to be is beyond what they can do on their own. For some, this comes early, long before the first screw is backed out or the first shelf is hastily removed. For others, the moment comes in the middle of demolishing their old closet and they are confronted by questions and building codes that are beyond their depth. In a time like this, you need to be able to turn to a [...]

27 04, 2023

Eco-Friendly Closet Solutions: Sustainable Storage Options

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These days sustainability and eco-friendly concepts have evolved beyond just cars and smart home appliances. They have finally evolved into the world of home storage solutions. So, if you’ve been thinking about going green in your closets and storage spaces, you might want to look into one or more of the following options. Get Rid of Plastics Plastic is everywhere, not just in our lives, but in our landfills and oceans. In the past, it used to be unavoidable. Yet modern-day storage solutions have embraced eco-friendly concepts in a way that makes it [...]

27 04, 2023

Maximizing Space in Your Guest Room for Summer Visitors

By |2023-04-27T11:01:07-04:00April 27th, 2023|Design Inspiration, Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

Summer is the perfect time to travel and explore. Every year millions of people flock to premier destinations in hopes of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This includes renting out entire homes on VRBO, AIRBnB, and similar services, to renting out rooms or just staying with relatives for a week while enjoying the surroundings. If you’re the one playing host, there are a lot of little details to pay attention to. Especially if you’re formally renting a space on a property you own. Making sure that all your guests have the space they want for [...]

5 02, 2023

Laundry Room Closet Ideas To Declutter

By |2023-01-30T15:50:53-05:00February 5th, 2023|Closet Organization, Design Inspiration, Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

Clutter is a thief that robs you of your precious space and time. Minutes lost each day to finding things or performing simple tasks like doing the laundry can add up over the course of a week. Not to mention causing a lot of needless frustrations. In most homes, the laundry room is one of those places that are prone to the gradual buildup of clutter. Days and weeks go by with small items building up in the laundry room. An extra box of dryer sheets here, two different types of detergent for [...]

30 01, 2023

Feng Shui Your Closet For Maximum Organized Zen

By |2023-01-30T15:27:35-05:00January 30th, 2023|Closet Organization, Custom Closets, Design Inspiration, Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

Some consider a well-lived life to be an art form unto itself. This is certainly true in the Chinese art form and lifestyle practice of Feng Shui which endeavors to infuse every aspect of a person’s life and environment into balance. This is a core concept in a lot of eastern philosophies. Feng Shui attempts to achieve a state of Zen by understanding the chi or qi of different structural elements to then artfully position them to achieve balance with their environment. All this emphasis on artistic expression and making the most out [...]

27 01, 2023

How To Turn A Spare Bedroom Into A Walk-In Closet

By |2023-01-26T10:43:22-05:00January 27th, 2023|Custom Closets, Design Inspiration, Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

Do you find yourself with an empty nest for the first time in years? Do you no longer need that nursery room right next to your master bedroom? If so, you might be wondering if it’s possible to turn that spare bedroom into the walk-in closet of your dreams. The good news is, yes you can and it might be easier than you think! A spare bedroom can be a wonderful blank canvas for creating an amazing walk-in closet that keeps everything essential organized, while also making room in the sleeping area of [...]

26 01, 2023

How To Organize Ski Gear In Season & Year ‘Round

By |2023-01-26T10:32:31-05:00January 26th, 2023|Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

For some people, the winter season is a time to bundle up, hunker down indoors, and turn the heat up while waiting for spring. For the rest of us, the winter is prime time for getting outside, strapping on a pair of skis as we break loose for a thrilling adventure. Though let’s be honest here, ski gear takes up a lot of space. Whether you love a great downhill run or you explore the great outdoors cross-country skiing, you need a place to keep all your ski gear. This includes functional ski [...]

26 01, 2023

Winter Closet Organization Ideas You’ll Love

By |2023-01-26T10:28:14-05:00January 26th, 2023|Closet Organization, Design Inspiration, Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

When summer is gone and the days grow cold, the outside world is bathed in scintillating colors. This is a sign that it’s also time for you to get your indoor storage systems set up for the winter season ahead. Yet it’s not enough to simply shove out-of-season items away ad hoc until the spring thaw arrives. The goal has to be not just to store things away for the winter, but to get them stored in a way that’s tasteful as well as functional. If you’re scratching your head on how to [...]

24 11, 2022

Family Friendly Basement Entertainment Center Designs That Are Next Level

By |2022-11-18T16:12:15-05:00November 24th, 2022|Design Inspiration, Entertainment, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

An unfinished or partially finished basement can be a great blank canvas for a lot of different room concepts. Though one of the most popular ways to make the most out of these bountiful spaces is to transform them into a living room with a family-friendly entertainment center. This is the sort of place where the family can gather on a Saturday evening for family movie night. It can also be a separate place to let the kids hang out after hours to game or watch their own shows without making a ton [...]

23 11, 2022

How To Design The Best Home Wine Cellar

By |2022-11-18T16:09:07-05:00November 23rd, 2022|Design Inspiration, Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

If you have an oenophile or two in the family, then keeping a couple of table-ready bottles of wine in the kitchen or dining room simply isn’t enough which is when you take it to the next level with wine organization. A lot of wine enthusiasts dream of and create their own home wine cellars to both store their finest vintages, as well as keep high-quality table wines close at hand. If this sounds like the sort of thing you’re going for, then it helps to take a strategic approach to design the [...]

22 11, 2022

Tiny Home Storage Hacks Every Home Needs

By |2022-11-18T15:56:18-05:00November 22nd, 2022|Closet Organization, Custom Closets, Design Inspiration, Ideas & Resources, Organization Ideas|0 Comments

The tiny home revolution took the world by storm. While the storm isn’t raging quite so hard these days, it left a lot of creative storage hacks behind in its wake. Many of them just make sense no matter how big your home is. If you’re looking for fun, fresh and innovative ways to boost the storage potential of your home, you might want to try adapting one or more of the following tiny home storage hacks. Overhead Shelves on High If your home is blessed with overhead space, then you need to [...]

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