Are you looking for mundane or ho-hum tricks to manage your bedroom closets? Preposterous! You’re looking for brilliance, and we have that ready for you. Here are some simple tricks to organize, maintain and make more room in your closet.

Folding Clothes

It’s a lot of hard work, but something as simple as folding clothes will create more room in your closet. Dedicate open shelving is the closet for folded clothes; it’s preferred to avoid the formation of mildew, mold and pests and for ventilation. Clothes like tank tops, t-shirts, pants and seasonal clothes are great for folding. Group clothes together (pants with pants, tank tops with tank tops, etc) for neat-looking stacks. Have small stacks no larger than a ruler, and leave space at the top for easy reaching. The clothes at eye level should be the clothes you wear the most.


An interesting idea for storage space is using suitcases. If you have suitcases not in use, don’t throw them away. Use them for storage. It’s a great idea to store out-of-season linens, coats, sweaters, blankets and other clothes. This saves space in the closet for more items. Before placing them in the suitcase, be sure to wash the clothes, dry them, iron them and fold them first. It’s hard work, but doing this avoids smelly, wrinkled clothes for next season, and you’ll have to do this step anyway.


Scarves and ties are usually stored on the rack, in baskets or thrown in drawers. However, the scarves are wrinkled and tangled up. Now there’s another way to store scarves. Use a PVC pipe to store scarves. Cut the pipe to fit the size of the drawer. Roll scarves and ties to fit inside pipes-one to each pipe. You can store these pipes neatly in the drawer. This saves more space in your closet.


Add labels to baskets to know exactly what is stored in each one. Some baskets have space built in them for labels; use it. Make labels and stick them to the basket. Use suitcase tags to hang labels on the baskets.


Pegboards are a great item. Unused pegboards work wonders in a closet. Hang the pegboard inside the closet door. You’ll find great knick-knacks to hang on there (umbrellas, portable mirrors, clutches, lint rollers, etc), and it can be a one-stop place for those easy to lose items.

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