Over the years the modern American garage has slowly evolved from being a place where you stored your vehicle, to a functional living space. These days more and more families are transforming part or all of their garage, into workshops, craft rooms, and thoughtful storage spaces.

All the extra square footage in a garage can sometimes lend itself to disorganizations. This is especially true when it comes to moving seasonal items in and out of the rotation.

Fortunately, thoughtful organization systems have kept pace with the evolution of the modern-day garage. Today there are more options than ever before to keep your garage storage in order. With the right one, you might finally have a comfortable amount of room for your car!

Overhead Storage Garage Storage Solutions

In most homes ceiling height is limited to around eight feet. Yet garages can have as much as a ten-foot ceiling, with many having room above that to install storage space in the rafters. This has made overhead storage systems a very popular first option for garage storage.

Static Ceiling Storage

Some garages have enough ceiling space and structural integrity to support heavy-duty bins. This is a great place to stow away things like holiday decorations, and seasonal items. To access them you simply need a step ladder.

Pull Down And Retracting Ceiling Storage

If you aren’t comfortable with moving totes up and down a ladder, you might be interested in a pull-down or retractable storage systems. Some operate with easy to use pulleys, while others employ a special spring-loaded system.

Developing Garage Attic Space

A garage with a peaked roof often has some additional storage space in its attic. In a situation like this, you might need a professional service to insulate and install walls and flooring to code. Closettec designers can then help you explore your shelving and storage option to make the most out of your new garage attic.

Wall Hook Organization Systems

The garage is a popular place to keep tools, recreational equipment, and cleaning appliances. Today they even make wall hooks that are robust enough to hold an adult bicycle. Common items you can allocate to a wall hook includes things like:

  • Brooms
  • Mops
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Shop-vac
  • Toolboxes
  • Bicycles and recreational items

Without thoughtful organization, these items can become entangled, fall over, or just generally get in the way. In many of these cases, a versatile wall hook system can hold items in place to keep them up and out of the way.

Wall hook systems are also very handy if you have a family member who needs workshop space, or who has taken up a crafting hobby.

Heavy Duty Shelving Systems

Most garages that are badly in need of storage benefit from heavy-duty shelves. The system that is right for your space will depend on the characteristics and finish of your garage interior.

Deep wall mounted shelves can often span all the way up to the garage ceiling. This can be a great way to keep labeled totes for seasonal items and even clothing that needs long-term storage.

Freestanding shelving units made from laminated shelving or plywood might be preferred if you need to store heavy items. They tend to pair well with wall hook systems for families who use some or all of their garage as a workshop space.

Work Benches With Built-In Storage And Drawers

Workbenches and the space underneath counters are popular storage places for tools and loose materials. Yet without thoughtful storage solutions, these places can quickly become cluttered and spill over into other areas. Sometimes even a small, disorganized workbench can leave a large footprint.

In many of these instances, an existing workbench can be modified to provide it with special storage features that are designed to specifically meet your needs. If you like, a specialist service like Closettec can even help design and install a custom workbench. Custom units are especially helpful for interests that call for a lot of small tools and materials.

Some of the more popular features include things like:

  • Pull out shelves
  • Rolling wheels
  • Drawers with adjustable dividers
  • Storage cabinets
  • Pull out basket systems
  • Folding or adjustable worktops

Folding Or Collapsible Workstations

The garage is also a very commonplace for crafters, artists, and do-it-yourselfers. Of course, life has a knack for taking time away from your best-laid plans. Rather than suffer the frustration of a workbench of workstation that might go unused for weeks at a time, you might want to consider one that folds up or condenses.

Depending on what your particular trade or skill happens to be, this could be as simple as a broad workbench that folds up against the wall, or one that pulls out from another storage area. Being able to tuck the horizontal workspace away when not in use can go a long way toward freeing up even more space in an already cluttered garage.

A Professional Eye For Effective Storage Solutions

There are times when the answer to your storage problem is right in front of your nose, but you’re just too close to it to see. It’s understandable, and everyone has those moments. In a situation like this, you can trust the experienced storage solution specialists at Closettec to help.

As a family-run business, we have roots that run decades deep in helping guide people to the innovative storage options that serve their family best. Our expansive showroom is rife with sample options for you to explore, and we have a large staff of highly trained designers and technicians who can transform your vision into a functional reality.