When you organize your own closet, you can use categories like color, season, work, weekend or workout to arrange your clothes and accessories. When you are organizing your child’s closet, it’s not so straightforward. In addition to their current wardrobe, they most likely have many items in their closet that they have outgrown as well as new clothes that they have yet to grow into. This is especially true for infants and toddlers.

Here are some tips for bedroom closet organization for your child that you can use now and also teach to your children. Organization is a skill that is important in every area of life; what better place for a child to get started than in his own closet!Bedroom-Closet-Organization-for-Your-Child


1. Sort

If you have the time, the best way to begin organizing is to take everything out of the closet. If you don’t have an afternoon to devote to this task, begin by going through the closet and taking out the items that your child has outgrown. Get some bins and divide the clothes into items that you will save for a younger sibling, give away, or throw out. There is also a fourth option – you can sell clothes that are in good condition at a tag sale, a local consignment shop, or an Internet sites like thredUP.com.

2. Separate

Next, separate the clothes into those that fit the child now, and those that are too big to be worn yet. Put the current clothes in the center of the rod, or whichever spot gives you the easiest access as you are dressing your child. For very young children, you only have to divide the clothes into two groups: everyday play clothes and special occasion clothes.

3. Install

As your child gets older, you will want to make it easy for him to get his clothes himself. Here is where a second rod comes in. Install it at a height of about three feet or whatever height is easiest for your child to reach. Now is also the time to buy some bins and hanging storage to hold shoes, bows and other hair accessories. If you don’t already have a hamper in your child’s room, buy a small one that can fit on the floor of the closet. Well before their second birthday, you can teach your child to put his clothes in the hamper. They will be delighted with their new skill and so will you.

4. Label

As your child gets older, he will be able to sort items and put them away where they belong if you label each bin and drawer. Children don’t need to be old enough to read in order to do this. For pre-readers, use pictures instead of words.

5. Update

As your child grows, his needs and belongings will change. Assess the closet with your child every few years to make sure it is arranged for optimum storage and convenience.

Closettec can help you create a flexible, adjustable closet system for your child that will meet their needs from infant to adult. Contact us for information.