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Contact us at 732-792-0088 for a FREE consultation or visit our showroom Joe is a partner and head of sales for Closettec, a company he started with his brother Michael over 30 years ago in Freehold, NJ. Closettec is a close-knit, family run company, and Joe divides his time between managing the sales staff and office personnel and working with clients at their home or in the company’s showroom

Modern Home Office Ideas For Maximum Productivity

These days home offices are increasingly popular. For those who don’t want to go out, as well as those small businesses that are simply run from the home. Whether you are new to telecommuting or you’ve been working from home for years, it takes a lot of discipline to stay on target and meet your ever-looming deadlines. Though there are some things you can do in your home office space to help maximize your productivity. A lot of them are relatively inexpensive and easy to do. Try To Keep Things Bright And Open [...]

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Best Homeschool Playroom Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

These days an increasing number of people are homeschooling or engaging in distance learning practices. Many people find that the challenges of educating their child are easier when you give them a dedicated place to learn, rather than simply letting them lounge on the couch with a tablet or iPad. Of course, a child’s playroom is one of the first places to turn to when you need to create a dedicated learning space. Though you might not always find your child receptive to this idea, especially if you don’t have a place to [...]

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9 Walk-In Custom Closet Home Wish List Ideas

A custom walk-in closet is the sort of thing dreams are made of. When you get to that point where it’s time to make your dreams into a reality, a lot of questions start to pop up. After all, we’re talking about a serious investment in time and money. So, you want to make sure to get it right the first time, and that your vision for the finished closet has everything you need. The following are the top 9 custom walk-in closet items you should strongly consider including. Comfortable Flooring For most [...]

Disorganized Pantry? Simple Pantry Organization Hacks

A properly organized pantry can be a thing of convenience that keeps everything at your fingertips. Whereas a disorganized pantry can be a constant source of frustration that leaves you wasting precious minutes looking for what you want, while the rest of supper starts to burn on the stove. In this article, we’ll take a look at some creative, yet simple pantry organization hacks. Dedicate A Shelf Just For Snacks Sometimes you just want to grab a quick snack or give your kids a little bag of chips for their cold lunch. Dedicating [...]

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Small Home Office Furniture Ideas For Working From Home

These days more and more people are working from home, both for safety reasons as well as a convenient way to avoid the annoying morning commute. Yet some homes are simply short on space and don’t have an entirely separate room that can be dedicated as a home office. Especially if you have children. Though with a little bit of creativity, there are a few ways to transform spaces in your home into a home office, with the furniture and features to support productivity. Finding Your Space The first step in developing an [...]

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Storage Hacks For Clothes And Jewelry In Small Bedroom Closets

Some homes and apartments have small bedrooms. Sometimes its to provide more space in the living areas, or sometimes it’s just part of the layout of an older structure. Even spacious homes sometimes have small bedrooms for children, which might leave them prone to clutter. Regardless of the pros and cons of a particular layout, one thing is for sure: small bedrooms are often challenged for storage space. Yet that doesn’t have to mean that storage has to be a problem in your small bedroom. At Closettec we have years of experience helping [...]

How To Renovate Any Space Into An Organized Home Office

Home office organization is appealing for a number of reasons. Even if you never work from home, a dedicated home office space can be an ideal place to keep bills, deal with household paperwork, and keep the home computer. In a situation like this, even something like an unused breakfast nook, or a large hall closet can often suffice. These more centralized locations tend to be more attractive for a small home office than say converting a downstairs guest bedroom. For those who have a career where they can work from home, a [...]

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How To Organize A Deep Closet With Lots Of Space

Not all closets are created with the same dimensions. Some are taller, some are wider, and there are a few that are even much deeper than most. Of course, this added depth opens the door for some enticing closet organization innovations. If you are trying to maximize the storage space in an overly deep closet, the following are some tips to consider. This is why our design team is called upon to assist with custom deep closet design services to help with the inspirational ideas that will help tailor a solution specific to [...]

12 Storage Solutions For People With Pets

Many of us love our pets as if they were our own children. As fur baby members of the family, we want them to be well-taken care of and feel like they belong. For many, this also means adding a little convenience to the home for pets to use but also making it easy to give them what they need when they need it. At the same time, we all want to keep a neat and tidy home. Bags of food and walking items laying out can be an eyesore, while also getting [...]

Tips For Organizing Holiday Decorations Once The Season Is Over

For many families, decorations are a cherished part of the holiday experience, steeped in memory and tradition. There are some enthusiasts who even go so far as to festoon their homes with elaborate displays that draw onlookers from far and wide. Yet whether your halls are decked from floor to ceiling, or you simply have a decorated tree in the living room corner, we all end up asking the same question. Where do I store my decorations once the holidays are over? Fortunately, there are a lot of solutions to handle this problem. [...]

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