A custom walk-in closet is the sort of thing dreams are made of. When you get to that point where it’s time to make your dreams into a reality, a lot of questions start to pop up. After all, we’re talking about a serious investment in time and money. So, you want to make sure to get it right the first time, and that your vision for the finished closet has everything you need.

The following are the top 9 custom walk-in closet items you should strongly consider including.

Comfortable Flooring

For most this means carpet. Though some people also love tile or hardwood flooring. If you are going to go the hard floor route, try to include something to warm it up on a cold winter morning. This might be a throw rug in the main dressing area. In the case of a tile floor, you might want to consider underlayment heating.

Custom Lighting For Functional And Visual Appeal

Proper lighting is an absolute must for a custom walk-in closet. Though simply having light available usually isn’t enough to make a dream closet into a reality. This includes functional lights to let you find the garments and footwear you want, as well as accent lighting. If you happen to have a few items on display LED accent lights can help add to the ambiance as well as give the displayed items a more striking appearance.

The nice thing about LED lights is that they are available in a wide range of colors and lumen outputs. Since they tend to be unidirectional you can easily use them as accent lights, while recessed lighting handles the task of keeping the rest of the walk-in closet lit.

A Shoe Organization System

Most people with a custom walk-in closet have some area for footwear. There are even people who have an entire closet just for their shoes. Ideally, you want a shoe organization system that lets you see everything at a glance. Adjustable shelves and dividers let you alter the various cubbies for the type of shoe. Afterall a 6-inch heel takes up a lot more space than a pair of flat loafers.

Jewelry Box And Jewelry Display Areas

You need a place to keep your jewelry separated from garments, footwear, and other less-elegant items. A jewelry box might get you by, but you’ll likely be happier with a series of adjustable drawers with dividers, and a soft felt liner.

You might also want to reserve some space for a jewelry display. This lets you put out specifically stunning pieces or simply to keep high-value necklaces and collections together, without risking something getting bent in a drawer.

A Handbag Organizer

Some people can go through life with only one purse or handbag. Though for the rest of us there seems to be a handbag for every occasion. Some of them are too visually striking to simply be hung up by the straps on a hook or left in a dark corner of the closet.

Adjustable custom shelves and cubbies let you make the most of your available space. It also lets you set up display areas for some of your more visually stunning handbags. You can then pair your display areas with the available accent lighting.

Multiple Full-Length Mirrors

On the face of it, a single full-length mirror is an absolute must for every custom walk-in closet. Having two or more mirrors installed on the walls or in an adjustable standing frame lets you see yourself from different angles without having to constantly turn and move.

Of course, you’ll probably want these mirrors to be more than just pieces of reflective glass secured to a wall. A visually stunning frame that matches the overall décor of the custom walk-in closet adds a little extra ambiance to what is otherwise a functional wall decoration.

Adjustable Hooks

Hooks are a great way to hang just about anything with handles. They give you a place to quickly put your everyday handbag or simply somewhere to display your scarves. Adjustable hooks that can be installed in one spot and moved at a moment’s notice let you maximize the available storage space as well as create a display.

You will also need to factor in the weight of the things you want to hang on the various hooks. Some lightweight hook systems can only hold a few pounds per square foot, while other more robust, heavy-duty hooks can bear some serious pounds.

A Safe

A custom walk-in closet is often a private space. It also tends to be the kind of place where some of your most high-value items are kept. Especially if you love to collect jewelry and other fine art objects. Having a safe in a walk-in closet just makes sense. You can also use it to store sensitive legal documents, precious metals, and other items you wouldn’t want falling into the wrong hands.

Most people who put a safe in their walk-in closet prefer to have it installed directly into the wall and hardened in place. This prevents would-be thieves from grabbing it and running. You can then disguise the face of the safe with a painting or hide it behind hanger racks of clothes.

A Makeup Vanity

On any given morning in most family households the bathroom sink and vanity are in high demand. The last thing you want to do is be rushed by your significant other or children for precious bathroom time. Having a vanity in your walk-in closet lets you take your time putting on makeup each morning without having to worry about who is next in line.

A makeup vanity can further be customized by adding drawers with dividers, or even a small built-in jewelry box to hold some of the favorites you love to wear every day. A lighted vanity also spares you having to deal with shadows that can sometimes be created by cumbersome overhead lights.