Walk-in closet designs often make maximum use of every inch of floor and wall space so your ceiling may be the best place to add in any extensive decorations. These are 6 ideas for making your closet look as good as it works.

Painted ceilings: Painting a ceiling is easier than it sounds when you get a roller with an extension handle. If your closet has a low ceiling, a strategic paint job is one of the quickest solutions. Start painting a few inches down the wall in the same color as the ceiling. It will fool your eyes into seeing an instant lift.

Fabric ceilings: Drape fabric along the ceiling. It will soften any lighting that you place underneath it. Try fabrics like velvet and silk for a luxurious effect.

Contact paper cutouts: Scissors and contact paper are all you need to make a simple arrangement like rows of polka dots or stars. In general, the bigger they are the more casual they will look.

Stencils: Painting with a stencil enables an endless variety of easy and gorgeous designs. You can do the whole area or just a section like putting a medallion around a light fixture. Practice on paper first and wear a shower cap to keep the paint off your hair and out of your eyes.

Chandeliers: Find an elegant antique chandelier at a thrift shop or estate sale. If you’re the DIY type, make your own funky version out of popsicle sticks or Barbie dolls.

Mobiles: Mobiles are not just for baby cribs. Try a sophisticated geometric sculpture that will sway as you move around.

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