Do you start your day staring into your closet and only seeing a mess of clothes, hangers, shoes, bags and stuff. Does it seem overwhelming to tackle getting organized on your own? Then, explore our services to find the best closet organizers in NJ and use these simple steps to get started.


3 Solutions to Organize Any Closet

Clear the Clutter

When considering a custom closet, most people want to dive right into the design process. Yet, to find the best design, you need to know what you have and want to fit in the space. Go through your closet and pull out any items that don’t fit, are out of style or that you don’t like anymore. Many items can often be donated to local charitable organizations.

Use All the Space

How you organize the space in your closet can make a big difference in how well the space functions. Consider creating higher shelves for out-of-season shoes, bags and accessories. Add shoe racks to maximize floor space and consider adding drawers for smaller items.

Create Zones

Using simple categories to divide up your closet space can help create a functional design and also help keep you organized. Find categories that make sense for your lifestyle.  For example, keep work outfits separate from more casual outfits or hang shirts grouped by color to make it easier to create the perfect outfit in the morning.  It is a simple, yet effective way to keep your space organized.

We can help you create a custom closet that works for you. Please contact us today for more information or a consultation.