A clean and well-organized backyard isn’t just a thing of beauty, it also gives the gift of peace of mind. Being able to find lawn care tools, backyard games, lights, and lawn ornaments at a moment’s notice spares you a lot of frustration.

If your backyard storage shed has gotten out of control, you should consider trying some of the following shed organization tips to put things back in order.

Wall Racks For Hand Tools

Garden tools, shovels, rakes, and other yard hand tools have a knack for getting jammed together leaning up against the corner of a garden tool shed. Not only can this lead to accidents, but it can make it hard to find the hand tool you want when you need it.

Installing hanging tool racks on the walls keeps the tools separate and organized, which makes it easy to find a shovel when you want a shovel or a rake when you need to find the rake. Some can be installed directly into the wood framing of the backyard shed. If you happen to have an aluminum shed without any wooden structure, look for hanger clips with a strong contact adhesive back.

Install A Peg Board System

Pegboard and hook systems have gotten very innovative in recent years. They also have improved when it comes to their weight capacity, which is also handy for holding slightly heavier hand tools like pruning shears and rubber mallets. They are also a great way to hold onto hardware bins and other loose items. If your organizational needs change or you bring home a few new garden tools, you can always change the hooks around to fit the change.

Use A Heavy-Duty Free Standing Shelving Unit

Heavy-duty shelves are often found in garages and home workshops, though there’s no rule stating that you can’t put them on in your backyard garden shed. Some of the best free-standing units boast an impressive weight capacity per shelf. They also tend to be adjustable letting you change the height between each shelf to maximize your vertical storage space.

Use Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a great way to store lightweight loose items like gardening gloves while also making it easier to see what’s in each one compared to a closed drawer. You can get them as free-standing carts or even install them on sliders underneath shelves. Not only does this help you get things organized, but it also helps maximize your vertical storage space in the backyard storage shed.

Get A Hose Winder

Garden hoses have a knack for getting tangled into snarled-up balls that can’t be properly described by our modern understanding of geometry. Even the best hand-wound garden hose still needs a proper place. Getting a hose winder or a hose reel makes it easy to spool up your garden hose to keep it organized yet out of the way. Some even come with carts that have a heavy-duty lid that closes. This then lets you double up the storage space, or just gives you a simple place to sit if you need to rest for a minute on a hot day.

Use Stackable Tote Bins For Seasonal Storage

The backyard storage shed can sometimes turn into a dumping ground for seasonal items and outdoor holiday decorations. To keep these seasonal items from tangling with the rest of your functional gardening equipment you should try storing them in heavy-duty tote bins. Most have reinforced corners and lids that let them hold a lot of weight while still being stackable. This lets you pile up holiday decorations in a disused corner without them taking up a ton of functional space in the storage shed.

Get A Lawnmower That Hangs Or Stands Up

Lawnmower technology has taken some major leaps forward in recent years. Especially when it comes to corded electric and battery-powered lawnmowers. Investing in one that is light enough to hang from a heavy-duty storage hook or one that can safely be stood up against a wall will go a long way toward maximizing the available floor space.

Keep Gardening Tools On A Rolling Cart

The backyard storage shed is a popular place to keep common gardening hand tools, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer. Keeping these essential items on a rolling cart lets you bring them with you to the garden, which spares you a lot of back and forth trips. It also helps keep them all in one place where they will stay organized.

Install A Workbench

A backyard storage shed is also a place where a lot of little outdoor projects get started. Putting a sturdy workbench in the shed gives you a functional workspace. It also allows you to install drawers and storage bins to keep essential items organized and out of the way.

Ceiling Storage For Lightweight Items

In recent years, the ceiling has become an innovative place for storing medium to lightweight items. It’s especially handy if you have backyard storage shed with a high ceiling or a sloping roof that is somewhat out of the way.

Even if you don’t have a lot of available structure to screw or nail into, things like Velcro straps can be used to hold a lot of lightweight long items like fishing rods, aluminum roof rakes, and weed pullers. When you need to use them, you can simply undo the Velcro straps to grab them at a moment’s notice.

Install LED Lights

A lot of backyard storage sheds are dark places. Most don’t have any sort of dedicated electrical power coming in. Running an extension cord or burying a power line just for some lights to see what you are looking for is overkill. Fortunately, modern-day LED lights have evolved to the point where you can attach them to the ceiling or underside of shelves without any need for a power cord. They are energy efficient, run on batteries and turn on with the touch of a button.